Meet the CLIMB FIT Kirrawee team


Nickname: Tornado

Climbing for 12 years

Why I like Climb Fit/climbing: Climb Fit has been my second home for as long as I can remember. I'm just the kid that never left!

Random fact : I'm a writer!


Nickname “The wise”

Been climbing for 25 years (with long injury breaks)

I like climbing because it’s about being social, pushing boundaries and generally opposite to the crushing gravity of a desk job.

Random Fact :
I’m not happy unless I learn something new each day - so come teach me something


Nickname: Locky, Lock-ness monster

Climbing on and off for 10 years

Why I like Climb Fit/climbing: Fun, social, exercise all rolled into one!

Random fact: I have heterochromia (my eyes are both a different colour!)


Nickname “Captain Kirk”

Climbing for around 12 months

coming to the Shire has meant I can turn an occasional pass time into a hobby

Random Fact :
broke 1 toe chasing my dog up the stairs - I’ve done this twice!


Nickname “Lo”

Been climbing for around 2 years
mostly outside

As it gives me chance to hang with friends outside in the sunshine and gets me away from my phone and laptop.

Random Fact :
I used to play the triangle in my school band


Nickname ”Kerry Lee”

Climbing for 15 years

Climbing has taken me to some of the most beautiful parts of the world that I would not have seen if I wasn’t a climber

Random Fact :
I spent my summers in Turkey and can speak Turkish


Nickname “Noo Noo or Neens”

Climbing since Kirrawee opened

Love climbing not just for the PUMP but also the intense focus, persistence, measurable progress and thrill factor.

Random Fact :
some people have kids, my boys are a “stuffed” bear and pig


NicknamePaigey/ Strudders/Hooksforhands

Climbing for a few years

Climbing is the perfect combo of all the things I love - the outdoors, flexibility, composure and socialising with like minded people

Random Fact :
My grandparents were gypsy travellers in the UK


Nickname “ol’ Mate Robbo”

Climbing since 1994 when high top sneakers were cool

Climbing is a rare, all-round compound sport that challenges mind, body and cardio fitness.“Sport is the school of life” and you grow as a person through participating. It makes you a better person in day to day life and in the long run.

Random Fact :
I’m a drone cinematographer


Nickname “Alpha Charlie”

Started climbing trad back in 2000

Love the challenge of climbing, being outdoors and high exposure routes.

Random Fact :
joined the army at 16


Nickname “Apple Core”

Climbing for 3 years

Recently won the 2019 Tour de Corde Pumper competition.
I love the crew at Climb fit - members and staff are awesome and create a great community atmosphere

Random Fact :
I love baseball


Nickname “Indi/Kiddo”

Climbing from December 2018

I love all the cool new people and new friends you make being a part of the climbing community

Random Fact :
my taste in music is the best


Nickname “Luke”

Climbing sporadically since childhood

I like climbing itself for the flow that comes from a well-executed climb, a moment where you can get out of yourself, and upon reaching your goal, relax and enjoy the view.

Random Fact :
I don’t climb the wall, the wall climbs me


Nickname “the Grandmaster”

Climbing for 25+ years

Love how climbing can be a mix of ages and ability - but all share the same passion

Random Fact :
still have my first teddy


Nickname - too many to list!

Climbing for 25 plus years

There are so many aspects to climbing. People see the mental and physical side but the community and lifestyle have played such an important part in my life. All the most important people in my life I have met at Climb Fit. I’ve been here for over 20 years! It’s like one big family.

Random Fact :
I was ranked top 15 in Australia from 1996 for around 10 years


Nickname “Wallmaster”

Climbing for 3 years

I like climbing because of the balance between the physical and mental effort it takes to try really hard when you’re a bit freaked out.

Random Fact :
My favourite kind of movie is a disaster film - no matter how bad it is



Climbing since December 2018

I love climbing because it keeps you fit - inside and out

Random Fact :
I love Biology


Nickname “Kav”

Climbing for 1.5 years

Climbing and working at Climb Fit its a great opportunity to learn from people with more experience.

Random Fact :
I did dance for 6 years (can’t remember any of it now)


Nickname “Melly the dragon”

Climbing for 2 years

Love the challenge of climbing and using it to get over my fear of heights

Random Fact :
used to eat fire to pay the bills


Nickname “Ranz”

Climbing for 3 years

I love how climbing can be a challenging workout where you forget you are exercising and you just have fun

Random Fact :
I can talk for hours about coffee


Nickname “Mouldy”

Climbing for 34+ years

Route setter and designer of climbing holds Link to Unleashed climbing Creating movement that is enjoyable and challenging really stimulates the brain and gives people and incredible natural high

Random Fact :
I used to be a hippie